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In the meantime, always consult a doctor prior to commencing any exercise or dietary change so you do not hurt or injure yourself. Sometimes, although you might feel fine, there could be an underlying condition that you don't know about and a simple doctor's visit can confirm that you are healthy and therefore safe to participate in strenuous exercise or dietary change. We say this because we care, so please take it seriously.

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3rd May 2012



Read The Full Niki’s WEEKLY Workout post at MOUNTAIN CLIMBER WORKOUT ConikiXXX Workout 2 Week 4

Niki uses the Mountain Climber full body exercise used in Workout 2 Week 4 of ConikiXXX to build muscle and improve her cardiovascular fitness.

Utilising the ConikiXXX approved Mountain Climbers we perform 20 reps, super set with Plank Opposite Knee to Elbow, Medicine Ball Pullover & Press, Forward/Backward Lunge Finger Touch Squat Jump, Rubber Band One Leg Squats and Boxer Skip. Repeat for 3 rounds.

ConikiTV uses and recommends the Gymboss Interval Timer 

Get fit and look fantastic using these great exercises and the ConikiXXX Program.. Try it NOW !

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